Videogame Challenge

Do you like video games? What if, instead of “just” playing, you would try and build your own?
In this lab you have the chance of learning Scratch, a visual programming language that will let you build videogames – and much more – collaborating with your friends. You will challenge the other participants in a “duel to the last line of code”. The first two days of the labs (10-11 August) will be devoted to learning the basics of Scratch programming; in the following three days (12-13-14 August) you and two or three friends will make a team for create your own video game. The best one will be awarded by an outstanding jury.

if you already know Scratch, you can register just for the three-day challenge – but in order to participate make sure wou’ll be there all the three days.

From 12 to 15.


This lab can host max 12 participants.

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